Brunswick Square, Hove

My next two projects with England’s Ornamental Plaster took me to Brunswick Square, home of the Regency Town House.  

The first project was to make and fix a reproduction Regency Ceiling Rose.  In the workshop we made a zinc profile and mounted it on a ‘horse’ to make the dished circular moulding for the ceiling rose.

I spent the next few days casting the individual components of the rose,

before going on site to help with fixing.

The next job moved us just a few houses along the square.  In this house a large section of ceiling and cornice had fallen down on the first floor (originally part of the Drawing Room).  In the workshop we stripped many layers of paint from small sections of the original cornice and made new moulds from which to cast components to replace the damaged section of cornice.  

I enjoyed being involved in the process from start to finish on both of these projects; getting more familiar with the reaction time of the fine casting plaster and learning more about setting out and fixing. 

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