18th Century Mayfair

Since the Spring of 2011, work had been going on in the England’s Ornamental Plaster Workshop for a large project in a private residence in Mayfair.  The client required six reproduction ceilings to be installed in the town house.  We were given two designs from the 1750s to re create with slight adjustments to each so that they would fit aesthetically into each individual room.  

We scaled up the architects’ drawings and created a mould of a small section of one of the designs for a sample casting.      

Meanwhile, we also had some cornice repairs to undertake in this townhouse so set to work stripping paint from original sections to make moulds and cast components for the new section of cornice.

When we came to fix the cornice we spent time getting the setting out correct as there were three mouldings of different sizes to line up correctly in the corners of the room and the spacing of the corbels to consider.

Again, to have been involved in this task from beginning to end and using the knowledge and skills I have learnt so far, it was incredibly rewarding to see the finished result.

It took around 12 weeks to complete the six ceilings.  The first design, taken from an original ceiling in a nearby townhouse, involved alot of geometry and planning to get the setting out correct.  Once this stage was complete we could begin fixing.

The second design was by Isaac Ware for Chesterfield House which had stood nearby before its demolition in 1937.  This Rococo design was more complex, incorporating scrolls and musical instruments instead of straight mouldings and floral swags.  I liked the theatrical feel to the design as we saw it take shape on the ceiling. 

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