Repairing Windowsills

In the Regency Town House servants’ yard there is evidence of a winch or similar mechanical structure having been installed, the corners of two portland stone windowsills having been cut away to accommodate it.  Nick Tyson, the Curator asked Andy the Stonemason to make the repairs, and I assisted so that I might learn the process.

Andy used a cutter and hammer and chisel to remove the excess stone and provide a clean surface for the indent.

Removing excess stone

I set to work tooling the surface of the stone

Tooled stone

We took accurate measurements and trimmed the stone until it fit with the smallest possible joint space.  We drilled holes for the stainless steel dowel and used an epoxy resin to fix the stone indents in place.

Fixing stone indent

Once set, we removed the wooden wedges and will return to point the stones once the risk of frost has passed.

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