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Born and raised in the Midlands, I moved to Brighton in 2005 where I discovered a passion for caring for old buildings, using traditional materials and skills.  I began working on The Regency Town House in Hove where I developed a greater understanding of Conservation Principles and the science of Traditional Building Materials.  I worked in various Lime Mortar applications from internal plastering to pointing and began to learn about making moulds and casting Ornamental plasterwork.  In 2008 I met the stonemasons working on the Royal Pavilion and after talking about our shared passion for historic buildings and traditional crafts I developed a real interest in Stonemasonry.  I developed the skills necessary to take me on an ICON Stone Conservation Internship at Rosslyn Chapel.  Since my return from Scotland, I have continued working throughout the south, expanding my skills and experience to include Stone and Brick Restoration, Ornamental Plastering, Flint walling and Ruin Consolidation.

For a list of my services take a look at my skills page.  You may also click the images on my homepage to find out more about the projects I have worked on.

I have passed the CSCS Health and Safety test and have Public Liability Insurance.

I am available to work as a sub-contractor in addition to undertaking solo projects.  If you would like to discuss your project please call me on 07834 349724.




2 thoughts on “About me

  1. To Little Miss Mortar,

    I am requesting permission to use the photograph of slaking lime:

    for a textbook entitled: “Masonry History Integrity – An Urban Conservation Primer.”

    It is available as a free download through the U.S. National Park Service, National Center for

    Preservation Technology & Training at this web site: http://ncptt.nps.gov/product-catalog/

    I am currently updating it and would appreciate permission to use the photo.

    Thank you in advance for your permission and reply.


    Tom Russack

    e-mail: tomrussack@gmail.com

    phone: 917-528-1883

    P.S. I found the photo on your tremendous website.

    • Hello Tom, please forgive the delay in my response. I’ve been wanting to say yes since I saw your message 6 months ago but couldn’t seem to find it to reply. Here it is in my message folder on wordpress! So if it is not too late, please go ahead.
      Kind Regards

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